Bubble Tower

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Some features of Bubble Tower

Welcome to the world of bubbles in the Bubble Tower game. Here, you have to destroy bubbles of different colors around a tower. Are you ready?

Bubble Tower is a special challenge. Clusters of bubbles with different colors will gather around a tower. A special thing is that this challenge will never end, you can only try to shoot as many bubbles as you can. You move the tower clockwise and destroy all the bubbles hanging on the tower. This game will give you points, so try to destroy these bubbles in combos to get the highest score possible. What are you waiting for without immediately joining the Duck Life site and enjoying this amazing game?

Destroy all the bubbles on the tower

This game has simple gameplay, you can easily control the game with your mouse. You use the mouse and touch the position you want to aim, then release the mouse to shoot. To be able to destroy the bubbles on the sides of the tower, drag the mouse horizontally to rotate the tower. Notice after a while, that the bubble beam will move forward a bit. This game will end when these bubbles reach the limit point.