Bubble Woods Ultimate

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Overall Bubble Woods Ultimate

Bubble Woods Ultimate is an exciting ball-shooting game. In this game, you will try to shoot the many balls as possible in the allotted time.

Bubbles representing different elements are hanging on the screen. You use the cannon at the bottom of the screen to shoot the ball. You aim to shoot down bubbles of the same color as the cannon bullets. The more bubbles you shoot in one shot, the higher your score will be. The points you score will be counted in the taskbar in the upper left corner of the screen. When this taskbar is full you will pass a new level. New levels open will have new elements added. You need to collect leaf elements to be able to buy power-ups. Some power-ups like extra time and rainbow bombs will help you overcome the challenge more easily. Are you confident that you can overcome these challenges? Check out the Duck Life website to play and have fun with this game.

Shoot down all the bubbles

You move the mouse to determine the flying position of the ball, after determining it, enter the left mouse button to activate the bubble. If the ball hits a cluster of bubbles of the same color as it, the hit bubbles will disappear. If the bubble does not hit the beam, it will be pinned on the board until you explode it. These bubbles are mounted on a piston so it will move closer to your cannon, if it touches the cannon you will lose. When controlling the cannon you also need to pay attention to the bullet base below the barrel and it is the next bullet you will have to shoot. This way you can come up with reasonable strategies to destroy the most bubbles.