Bugs Bunny Builders Jigsaw

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Some features of Bugs Bunny Builders Jigsaw

Bugs Bunny Builders Jigsaw requires you to arrange small pieces to form a complete picture. You can match the pieces of Bugs Bunny-themed pictures.

The pictures with the theme of Bugs Bunny Builder are being cut into small pieces, you pick up the pieces and put them in the picture frame. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually according to the number of pieces that you have to match. In the first three pictures, you only need to complete the picture with 4 pieces. After completing these 3 pictures, the game will increase the difficulty by increasing the level of 2 pieces in the picture. Therefore, every time you complete 3 pictures, the game will add pieces to the smaller side of the picture.

Arrange the picture

This game is quite simple when the details have been drawn on an existing frame, you just need to compare the similarities between the puzzle pieces and match them into the picture frame. You use the mouse and drag the puzzle pieces on the right side of the screen to the picture frame on the left side of the screen. After arranging the pictures, the game will take you to the next level, which means you won't get the level you want.