Burger Rush

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About Burger Rush

Play Burger Rush and play as a waiter. Different tastes will appear and make different requests, you have to quickly fulfill their requests.

The amazing world of Gumball is back, if you love Gumball and Darwin characters, don't miss this game. These two mischievous boys will start a new game when opening a Burger shop. Play the role of Gumball and serve the game's demanding guests. Serve these demanding customers quickly and take the business through the game's many levels.

Serving customers in the restaurant

The customers will appear in the top 3 different people. Each of the other guests will have a unique request and you should prioritize serving guests who come first. The requests of the customers will appear in the frame above their heads. You use the mouse and drag the items they require into the frame. You must not keep these guests waiting for long, or they will leave. As such, you have to pay attention to the facial expressions of the customers, you have to give them items before their faces turn angry. Each customer that leaves the store will cost you a star. When you make 3 customers leave the store, you will be fired.