Cannon Balls 3D

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About Cannon Balls 3D

Play and have exciting cannon-shooting experiences in Cannon Balls 3D. You need to aim and shoot down all the targets with the specified number of bullets.

This game will give you a cannon and a certain amount of bullets. In addition, the game also sets a distant target. Your mission is to aim and shoot down all these targets. At each level, you will have to complete 5 missions. After you complete these 5 missions you will be taken to a new level. The higher the level, the more difficult your task will be. The number of bullets that you get in each play will depend on your level.

Also, you have to face double goals. You will at the same time shoot down 2 targets. Only when you shoot down all the targets from the rack, you will pass the level. The farther you shoot, the stronger your shot will be. Play and shoot down all the targets to prove your ability.

How to control your cannon

You move the mouse to aim then you left-click to shoot down the target. You pay attention to the number of bullets to come up with a suitable strategy.