Cannons And Soldiers

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Use cannon and kill enemy

Brutal enemies are invading your kingdom in the Cannons And Soldiers game. You will have to use a cannon and aim to eliminate enemy shelters.

The enemy will be stationed in many places outside your castle. You need to use the mouse and aim to eliminate the enemy. However, your enemies are very cunning, they often hide in places where your cannon cannot reach. You need to eliminate enemy shelters before destroying them. You need to destroy all opponents to pass the level. For each level, you are only provided with 4 cannon bullets. If you use up all the cannon bullets and still do not destroy all the enemies, you will lose. Control your cannon well and do not let any enemies invade your kingdom.

The levels of Cannons And Soldiers

This game will be divided into several levels. Your opponents will evolve with each level. At level 1 you can easily kill enemy soldiers because there is no hiding place. At level 3 the enemies already know how to fight back by seeking shelter. You have to come up with reasonable tactics to defeat them. Play this amazing game and eliminate enemies on every level.