Cat in Japan

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About Cat in Japan

Cat in Japan will take you to explore Japanese culture, in this game, you will have to play the role of a cat who has to find hidden sushi pieces.

Your main task in this game is to find the hidden sushi in many different rooms. These sushi pieces will be hidden anywhere in the rooms, they can be covered by different items, and they can also be covered by different objects. You need to pick up these objects to see the sushi pieces then you click on the sushi icon to collect them. While collecting the sushi you also need to collect some other items such as keys or drums to complete the missing parts in the room.

Complete the mission in the rooms

You will have to find these sushi pieces in many different rooms, the first room is the living room. Here there are dolls that are losing their heads, you need to find their heads again, the sushi pieces will be somewhere around the chair. Next is the changing room, here there are a lot of clothes, you should pick up the clothes to collect the sushi pieces. One more thing, you should open the wardrobe to get the key to open the door on another level. Next is the tea room, you can use the key to open the door to the courtyard, the sushi pieces will be hidden around the teapot. Finally the bathroom, there will be more sushi here, you can easily see it. In addition, you should fill the bathtub with water to pick up the drumstick and basically use your sharp eyes to complete the task in the game.