Cats and Bees

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About Cats and Bees

Play Cats and Bees to rescue the cute cat from the attack of bees. Here, you need to draw shields to protect the cat from the attack of bees for 10 seconds.

This is a very interesting game. A lovely cat is being attacked by ferocious bees. Your task is to draw a shield and protect the cat from the bees. This mission will last for 10 seconds. You will draw a shield to protect the cat, after you finish drawing the shield, the bees will attack the cat. If the cat lasts 10 seconds, you have completed the task. This game will take place on many different levels. The task of each level will be the same, but the game will create different obstacles. What are you waiting for without participating in this exciting game?

How to draw the shield

You use the mouse to draw a shield to protect the cat. You have 10 seconds to draw the shield. You have to draw the shield so that the bees cannot attack the cat. In addition, the amount of ink is limited, so you should draw reasonable shields in the allotted time. Let's play and save the lovely cat from the bees.