Chess Mania

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Some descriptions of Chess Mania

Welcome to the game Chess Mania. Here, you will have a great chess experience as you have to come up with a chess strategy and win against other players.

This chess game will play quickly, the game has arranged a chess board with 12 pieces. Each player will have 6 pieces, of which 3 pawns, one king, and the other 2 passes have indeterminate functions. To win you need to arrange the position of the pieces so that you can eat the opponent's king. You will never get through these challenges because the game has up to 400 different levels. Moreover, the difficulty of these levels will be updated through each level. Let's play and challenge your brain.

Control the pieces

You use the mouse to control the pieces in this game. Move the mouse and click on the piece you want to play. then, there will be dots on the screen, these are the steps that this piece can move. You click anywhere you want that has a dot on the map to move to that location. This game has the same rules as regular chess games, the game will end when one of the two kings is eliminated.