Coffee Break

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Be the boss of Coffee Break

Coffee Break gives you an interesting experience as the boss of a coffee shop, you start everything with a white hand and develop your own coffee chain.

The game will give you a small amount of money to open a cafe and specifically the amount that you are offered is 250 dollars. With this money, you will refurbish an old shop by buying a coffee machine, a cashier table, and a set of tables and chairs for customers to drink coffee. At first, you will be quite busy when you have to do everything from cleaning to serving coffee. But once you have the money, you can hire part-time employees of the game to have more free time. When the business is good, you can open other branches, do you believe you can open a giant coffee shop chain?

Serve your customers

Each cup of this coffee will cost a dollar, but if you do well you can even get tips from customers. The coffee machine has extremely fast brewing speed, you just need to bring it to the cashier and serve customers. All customers who come to your coffee shop want to be seated, so you need to clear tables for customers to sell coffee. When you earn a lot of money, buy more tables and chairs to sell more coffee. Moreover, customers who wait for a long time will probably be angry, you should hire more service staff as well as improve working efficiency to serve customers faster.