Color Break

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Join in the challenges in Color Break

Are you ready for exciting challenges in the Color Break game? In this game, you will control a block and destroy the colored blocks in the frame.

The Color Break game has fairly simple gameplay. In a square frame, there are colored blocks and your task is to destroy these blocks. You will control a square block that moves up and down automatically. You use the mouse to control the block and navigate it to the blocks that you need to break. When the colored blocks touch your block, they will disappear. You repeat this operation until there are no blocks left in the frame. You can only destroy blocks of the same color as the block you are controlling. If you want to break blocks of different colors, you have to change the color of your blocks.

How to control: Use the mouse to navigate the block.

Play Color Break on several levels

You can play this game through a multitude of levels, each with a different challenge. At high levels, you will encounter blocks of different colors that make it difficult for you to break. Are you ready for these challenges? Play and conquer all the levels of the game.