Color Burst 3D

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Some features of Color Burst 3D

Welcome to Color Burst 3D. It is a fast-paced game where you have to control the direction of the ball to go through the rings. Play and have fun.

Color Burst 3D is a fast-paced game where rings of different colors will rush toward you. On these rings, there are many distinct colors. The basic colors of the game are blue, red, yellow, and purple. You adjust the direction of the ball so that it goes through these rings. Your score is calculated by the rings that you have gone through. Play and get the highest score possible.

Conquer the challenge

To be able to put the ball through the ring, you must move the ball to the position of the same color on the ring. For example, if your ball is blue, you need to bring the ball to the blue position above the ring. If the ball hits an area of a different color, it will explode and you lose. Each time it goes through a ring, the ball will change color. You must constantly pay attention to the color of the ball and the rings so as not to lose. Are you ready for it?

Control: Use the mouse to control your ball.