Color It

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Conquer the challenges in Color It

Color It is a simple challenge where you will have to color the platform. You find the pre-marked spots on the platform and color them as required.

This challenge will take place on different platforms corresponding to different levels. Each platform will have its own shape that creates its own challenges. You will control a block, one side is gray and the other is blue, four remaining sides are white. You move this block across the platform and reach the gray marker on the platform. After moving to the marked point you roll the blue face on this marker and turn it blue. After completing this mission you will be taken to the next level. Note, a platform can have many marked points, you have to turn all these marks into blue to complete the challenge. If you roll the gray face on the marked point, it will also turn gray. Do you know the rules of the game yet? Let's conquer this challenge now!

How to control your block

You use the keys on the keyboard to control your square block. This square will move in the direction of the arrow you press.