Color Poly

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Play Color Poly

Color Poly is a color puzzle game. In this game, you will have to rotate the edges of the cube so that it coincides with the falling colored bars.

The puzzles in the Color Poly game will involve 4 main colors which are blue, green, yellow, and red. Bars of different colors will fall continuously from the top corner of the screen and the colors of these bars are completely random. These bars fall continuously so you can also determine what the next color is. In the lower corner of the screen, there is a square block with 4 edges of 4 different colors. Your task is to rotate the edges of the square so that it matches the falling color bar. This game requires you to have quick reflexes and flexible hand movements. You have to quickly rotate the block to catch as many colored bars as you can.

How to control

To be able to rotate the square block you use the mouse and click the navigation bar on either side of the box. You click on the left to rotate left and click on the right to rotate right. You must perform these operations quickly and accurately so as not to fail.