Comfy Farm

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About Comfy Farm

Play and build a giant farm in the Comfy Farm game. In this game, you will have to play as a farmer, you need to plant vegetables and develop your farm.

You will own a small farm on the outskirts of the city. Your mission is to develop this farm. You will start the game with 4 plots of land, you need to earn money to expand your farm. You start by planting vegetables, you plant vegetables at a high price to be able to complete the task soon. Are you confident that you can complete this task? Let's play Comfy Farm and enjoy great moments.

Plant vegetables in Comfy Farm

In the first stage, you only have 4 plots of land and no money. You will start growing plants with free seeds like carrots. However, it only gives you a profit of 20 dollars. After you have the money you can grow other crops like corn, which will bring you 75 dollars. While growing plants, you need to take care of your plants. You water the plants to grow faster, in addition, you also need to repel natural enemies that destroy crops like flies and crows. Let's work hard and develop your farm.

Control: Use the mouse.