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Connect The Blocks


Some interesting things about this game

Connect The Blocks will help you train your brain through interesting tasks. You need to match the dots so that there is no space left on the board.

These missions take place on a 6x6 board and it can be scaled up by levels. You need to talk the dots together so that they overlap by color. This means you have to connect the red dot with the red dot and the yellow dot with the yellow dot. There is another condition when you perform the task that there is no space left on the board. For each mission, you will have 20 seconds to complete it. It is no matter how high level you are, you only have 20 seconds to complete the quest. This also counts as a challenge when you complete the quest. Completing high-level quests is not easy, now you have to complete missions in a short time. Play and use your abilities to conquer this game.

Play Connect The Blocks

How to complete the mission

You drag the mouse and connect the dot together and The condition to connect 2 circles together is that they need to have the same color. You drag these lines across the empty cells on the board so that they do not overlap. When 2 lines overlap, they disappear and you have to start connecting these dots again. Because time is limited, you must quickly connect the dots in this color as quickly and accurately as possible.

Conquer different levels

This game has created different levels with increasing challenges. Its difficulty is calculated by increasing the number of blobs on the board but keeping the time to practice the mission. You connect the blobs together so that the color is correct and there is no space on the board to complete the task, then you will be taken to different levels.