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Conquer The City


Defeat the enemy in Conquer The City

Let's start a journey to conquer the territory in Conquer The City. In this game, you need to increase your army and control them to invade other cities.

You will be faced with the choice to become the aggressor or the invaded. Take the initiative by building an army and conquering other territories. You connect 2 buildings together and help your army get to the enemy's position. You will completely capture a city when you destroy all enemies in the city. You complete the game's mission by completely eradicating the enemies. In this game, you will have to defeat enemy troops on many different levels. Are you ready for this challenge?

How to control: Use the mouse to connect 2 buildings.

Equip weapons for your army

This game has some cool skins for your character, you can make money on invasions to buy them. This game has 3 main skin types: head, weapon, and shield. Each skin type has its own design and price. There are some special skin types.

  • Heads: chicken, monkey, mouse, bear, elephant, and so on.
  • Weapons: mace, mace, sword, knife, and so on.
  • Shields with special shapes such as book, biscuit, newspaper, and more.