Crazy Caves

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Introduce the Crazy Caves game

Are you ready for the difficult missions in the Crazy Caves game? Here, you will have to shoot and destroy gems in a minefield. Let's play and have fun.

Your character is lost in a mine, your task is to rescue him from this mine. This mine is shaking, the gems will be flying in the air. Your mission is to shoot and destroy these gems. These gems will move unspecified in the minefield. After they hit the wall they will move in the opposite direction. You must avoid these gems, or you will lose. Every time you shoot a gem, it will break up and form a smaller gem. You have to be extremely careful not to bump into these gems. This game will not be divided into many different levels, so you only have one chance, take your chance to win. Are you ready for it? Let's play and conquer this difficult mission.

How to control

You use the mouse to control your character. You move the mouse and click on the gems to destroy them. You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to avoid falling gems.