Crazy Fishing

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Fish in Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing is a fishing journey that you should not miss, here, you play the role of a cat who has to go and destroy all the fish in the pool.

This game has a simple gameplay like Tiny Fishing where you just need to drop the fishing rod into the water and catch the fish. However, this game will not give you power-ups to make it easier to catch them, you will have to do everything manually. You don't have a power-up, so it's hard for you to reach deeper waters, but this is not impossible. You need to catch a lot of fish and upgrade the cat, the higher the level of your cat, the more water you will contact. Since you don't have to earn money and upgrade fishing rod parts, your cat can eat these fish in no time. Eating this fish is very beneficial as it gives your cat more health and access to deeper waters to catch more fish.

Eat the fish

As I said above, this game has a very simple way to play, you just need to use the mouse and click anywhere on the screen to drop the fishing rod. After the fishing rod is in the water, it will reach a certain depth and then move back to your position, this time you go to the mouse to fish. Each time the fishing rod touches the fish, the fish has bitten the hook, but the number of fish you can catch is limited and it will increase with the fatness of the cat. After catching the fish, they will be thrown in the sky, you use the mouse and click on each fish to help the cat eat it. This cat will grow very slowly so you have to fish a lot for it, when there is enough fish the cat will grow up and upgrade all the functions of the fishing rod.