Crowd Run 3D

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Introduce Crowd Run 3D

Crowd Run 3D is a simple game but it is no less fun, you have to make the right choices and create a crowd of as many stick people as you can.

You will be taken to a path where there are dangerous obstacles such as abysses and crushers. You have to stay away from these depths or your stickman will fall and you will lose the stickman. Another obstacle is the crusher, when your stickman touches the crusher it will also be crushed and disappear. Your task in this game is to create a crowd of stick people as much as possible so you also need to stay away from these obstacles. Actually, this game not only has obstacles that are wormholes and crushers, but it also has countless other obstacles waiting for you on different levels. These obstacles are still unexplored, you join this game and explore the obstacles.

Increase the number of stickmen

Your task is to collect as many stick people as possible, so the game will also give you some calculations to challenge you. If you choose correctly, your number of stick people will increase and vice versa, if you answer incorrectly, some of your stick people will disappear. On a road will appear calculations, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, you rely on these calculations and calculate which answer is the most profitable. Then you use the mouse and drag the stickman toward the more favorable answer. For each stickman to the finish line, you will receive a coin, the more people you know to the finish line, the more money you will receive. You can also double the amount you get by watching ads. Do you wonder what role coins will play in this game, it will help you buy some items and help the stickman get over the obstacles more easily.