Cube Shot

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Fight in Cube Shot

Cube Shot is a dramatic shooting game, in this game, you need to use a shotgun and move to every corner of the map and eliminate all enemies.

This game will definitely not let you down with its endless gunfights. In addition, this shooting game is taking place in the first person perspective, it gives you the most realistic feeling, you are like participating in an outdoor gunfight. Your enemies will be hiding in hidden corners of the map, you have to be very sharp to see them. Furthermore, your enemies can also counterattack, so you have to aim accurately and destroy the enemies before they can counterattack. You have participated in many shooting games on the Duck Life website but I am sure this will be the one that excites you the most. Play as a bloodthirsty hunter and go destroy all the enemies in this game.

Handle your character.

This game is a first-person game, so you will easily detect the opponents in front of you and destroy them. Along with the benefits, the first-person perspective also makes you unable to see the enemies in the corner, which makes you vulnerable to surprise attacks from other opponents without having time to counterattack. When you start the game you will immediately start with the first person, you press the Esc button to exit the first person and also exit the war. You move the mouse to change sight and aim, then you click and fire bullets. Each of your guns can hold 30 bullets and you can only reload when these bullets are used up. To move, you use WASD, W to move forward and S to backward, AD to move left or right. One last thing is that you can change between shotguns and long guns, you click on the gun icon to change.