Cube Tower

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About Cube Tower

Are you ready for the wars with robots in the Cube Tower game? Here, you will have to arrange fortresses on the way and eliminate all the robots.

An ancient tower is in danger of being invaded by robots, these robots will gather in an army and proceed to invade this ancient tower. Your task is to protect the ancient tower safe from the attacks of the robot army. You can destroy this army of robots by placing fortresses on the way. Take part in this mission and keep the tower safe.

Protect the tower from the robots

In this game, the robot army will have all 3 attacks. The attack will become denser over time. You need to set up a fortress and destroy all the robots in these 3 waves of attacks. There are a total of 6 fortress locations along the way. You have the choice of placing all fortresses along the way or upgrading the fort. Upgraded fortresses deal double damage. If you accidentally let a robot reach the tower, don't worry, your tower has 7 lives. This means that the tower can defend itself against the attack of 7 robots. When the tower loses all its lives, you lose.