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Some descriptions of Cuphead

Cuphead is an exciting adventure for the Cup character. In this game, you need to collect the coins in the different levels and find the way out.

In this game, you will be controlling a special character. A cup character is lost in an endless adventure. This adventure is extended through many different levels. You need to complete the missions at this level to open up new challenges. Are you ready for this exciting adventure? Let's play this game on the Duck Life website.

Complete the mission in Cuphead

You will have to control your character to overcome many different challenges. Your main task is to jump over the obstacles and collect coins at the bottom of the map. The number of coins that you have to collect in each level is different and their position will be different. Some coins will appear on the ground, some will appear on the platform. When you collect enough coins, the door to the new level will be opened. You move to this door and will be taken to a new level. That's all the mission of these levels play and conquer the game.

How to control: left-click to jump over obstacles.