Cut It Down Online

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Welcome to Cut It Down Online - a puzzle game. In this game, you will be able to train your block by cutting blocks into small pieces and collecting stars.

The blocks will be fixed positions on the screen. You use the mouse to cut these blocks into small pieces. You cut so that these small pieces fall down to collect stars. To be able to collect stars you just need to make small pieces and touch them. You are required to collect these stars to pass the level. This game only ends when you collect enough stars or you have no more blocks to cut. Challenge yourself in this awesome game.

Control: Use the mouse to cut the block.

How to Cut It Down Online train your brain

This game has very simple gameplay, you just need to use the mouse to cut the blocks. However, to be able to collect all the stars is not easy. You need to align the force and falling direction of the pieces properly to be able to collect stars. This way you can practice any of your brains. In addition, the difficulty of the challenges is divided into levels and you will train your brain at different levels.