Cut The Rope

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About Interface

Welcome to Cut The Rope, this is a simple puzzle game where you need to cut the ropes and help the Om Nom eat candy. Play and have fun in this game.

This game has 3 main things that you need to notice, which are Om Nom, sweet candies, and stars. Om Nom will sit at the bottom of the screen, sometimes at the top of the screen. The candies will usually be placed lower than Om Nom. If these candies appear in a higher position then you need to use some other tricks to help Om Nom eat the candy. The stars will be anywhere on the map and you need to collect them to pass the level. Also, this game has loads of interesting levels, you need to complete all the levels to unlock it.

Complete the missions in Cut The Rope

Your main task in this game is to help Om Nom eat candy. You need to cut the ropes to hang the candy, then the candy will bat down and Om Nom can eat it. However, the candy does not always bat in the correct direction, sometimes you need to align so that Om Nom can eat candy. At the same time, you also have to collect stars to pass the level.

Control: Use the mouse to cut the rope.