Cute Kitty Care

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3 kinds of Kitty

Cute Kitty Care allows you to take care of a cat of your own, you need to choose a cat and take care of and turn it into the most beautiful cat.

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose the breed of cat you like, including 3 different types of cats. The first type is the gray cat, they have an eye-catching appearance and are quite friendly. The second cat is a yellow cat, on the human this cat will have gray hairs. The last cat has pink fur, this cat is quite arrogant, no matter how different these cats are, you just need to take care of it to be able to tame it.

How to take care of cats

The stages of cat care will be divided into 3 main steps and these 3 steps will also be divided into smaller steps. The first step of cat care is cleaning, and to clean, we definitely have to bathe the cat. When you first receive the cat, it is just a feral cat and is quite dirty, so before bathing you need to chase away the ants on the cat's body. Next, you pour water over the cat and clean it with soapy foam. After thoroughly cleaning the cat, we need to trim the toenails and vaccinate the cat. After doing all the hygiene steps, the cat needs to eat food, this cat only likes to eat fish and drink milk. The final stage of cat care is to beautify the cat, you choose different properties to apply to the cat and turn it into your own cat. You can finally take your cat to meet and play with other cats.