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Dark Boy


Join in the adventure of Dark Boy

Open up a new adventure in the dark with Dark Boy. You have to control your character to move in the dark and complete the tasks of the game.

You will control a boy in the endless night and face evil monsters. You will move to the flashlight to collect the quest, then you have to find the key to complete the mission. While you complete the missions, you will have to face tough monsters. The monsters are giant mushrooms. You destroy these obstacles and find your way to the finish line. If your blood is so low, look for the blood that is the heart-shaped icon and collect it. That way you pass the levels of the game.

How to control

  • Use the left or right arrow to move
  • Use the up arrow to jump
  • Use the Spacebar to attack the monsters
  • Use the L or E to boost your stamina.

Play in many levels of Dark Boy

The tasks will be divided into many different levels to match the level of the player. Practice your skills well in the low levels, then find and destroy the high levels. Play and conquer all levels of this amazing game.