Darwin Rescue

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Some features of Darwin Rescue

If you are a fan of Cartoon Network, do not ignore the Darwin Rescue game. Darwin is missing, you have to help Gumball find clues and rescue Darwin.

One day, Gumball realized that Darwin was missing and he was very confused. The traces of Darwin are scattered all over the schoolyard, you will play the role of a talented detective and help Gumball collect this evidence. After having the evidence, you need to deduce Darwin's location and rescue him. While collecting the evidence, you need to move and communicate with many people. At the same time, you must also fulfill the witness requirements in order to obtain evidence. Although you can ask for help from others like you, you still have to rely on yourself. The other players will provide you with the evidence and you will have to decide the direction of the movement yourself. This game will help you practice critical thinking while collecting evidence. Now, play the role of a detective and help Gumball rescue Darwin as quickly as possible.

How to help Gumball

You use the arrow keys to move and press the Space button to communicate with other characters and unlock items.