Doge Blocks

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Play Doge Blocks

Doge Blocks are sorting puzzles where you have to arrange the dog blocks on the board. You have to complete the task of filling the board with animal blocks.
In this game, you will have to complete the arrangement of blocks with different creatures on the board. These blocks can be dogs or crests, they appear at the bottom of the board. You must use the mouse and drag these doge blocks into the board, you complete the task when these blocks appear to fill the board. There are many exciting levels waiting for you in this game, access Kick the Buddy to play.

Play on several levels

Every time you complete a quest a new quest in a new level will be opened. There will be different arrangements on different levels, while high-level quests will be more complicated by the increase of doge blocks. Regardless of your level, you need to use your intelligence to complete the task. Normally, when you open a new level you will have the right to choose the old level to play again, but this game does not allow this to happen. You can only choose to replay the level you just played or choose to play at a new level.