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Domino Battle


Play Domino Battle

Welcome to Domino Battle, in this game, you will participate in a thrilling domino battle, you win when you get rid of the domino before the opponent.

This is a fun game, you just need to hit the dominoes and win. You and your opponent will have to hunt 6 dominoes with 2 heads with 2 different values. These values will range from 0 to 6. You will append the next values to the beginning of the domino. The winner is the one who hits all the dominoes first. Let's play and win all the opponents in this game.

How to control: You use the mouse to draw and play domino.

2 modes of Domino Battle

This game has 2 main modes, which are draw mode and block mode.

  • In block mode: you will only be able to append dominoes to one end of the domino chain. When you do not have the values corresponding to the domino series, you must draw new dominoes. You draw until you find the corresponding value. The winner is the one who hits all the dominoes first.
  • In draw mode: this mode has the same gameplay as block mode, but you can connect dominoes at both ends of the domino chain.