Donut Cooking

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Steps to make donuts

Donut Cooking is a baking game where you will play as a chef. Your task in this game is to create delicious donuts to serve all the customers.

The first step in every cooking step is choosing the ingredients. The game has given a list of ingredients, you just need to choose the required ingredients. The next step is to mix these ingredients as directed. Once you have formed a flexible dough, you will roll them out and shape them. The game has provided you with interesting frames with circles and stars. After shaping the cake, you bring it to fry, you plug in the power, and adjust the temperature of the oil. Once the temperature has been adjusted appropriately, bring the cake to fry for 5 seconds. The final step of this job is to decorate the cake. This is the stage where you get to be creative, you can cover these cakes with cream and syrup, then you will sprinkle them with cakes to make the cake look more delicious. Finally, bring it out to serve customers and receive compliments.

How to control

You use the mouse to perform all the steps of making a donut.