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About Doodlr.io

Have fun with friends in the Doodlr.io game. In this game, you and your friends have to take turns drawing and guessing the required word of the game.

This is a game that stimulates your imagination and creativity. You and your friends have to draw and guess the required words in the game. The difficulty of this game is entirely up to you. If you draw a predictable image, your friends will easily overcome the challenge. On the contrary, if you draw a bad image that does not match the description, this will make it difficult for your friend to pass the game.

Play and have fun with your friends

  • For the drawer: the game will give you 3 options. You have to choose between these 3 options and draw a hint for the other player. You use the mouse to draw hints. remember that you can only draw pictures, not write words.
  • For guessers: You have 60 seconds to guess the correct answer. You use the key on the keyboard to write the answer. When you answer correctly the game will cover your answer. If you answer incorrectly you will guess again and you have a maximum of 3 answers.