Draw and Save Stickman

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Conquer this game through various levels

Today, you will have the opportunity to play a wonderful game called Draw and Save Stickman, you need to draw shields to protect Stickman from traps.

This game lasts through many different levels, and the challenges of these levels will also be gradually upgraded over time. In the first levels, this task is very simple as you just need to draw a simple shield to keep the Stickman from falling into the hole. In the next levels, the difficulty has been increased but it is not significant. In general, the first levels only help you get acquainted with the mechanics of this game. From level 5, the task becomes more difficult with the presence of sharp spikes, they can gather into spikes, and your task is to protect Stickman from these spikes. There are also countless other challenges waiting for you in the next levels, play and explore these exciting levels.

The gameplay of Draw and Save Stickman

The gameplay of this game is quite simple, if you have ever played the game Save The Dog then you will easily pass the mission of this game. The Stickman character is hanging in the air, below him is a platform containing many traps. You must draw shields to protect him from these traps before he falls. You use the mouse to draw shields on the screen. After you finish drawing these shields, the Stickman will automatically fall. Your shield must protect the Stickman within 3 seconds. You note that Stickman is on a platform, so you must not only protect Stickman from obstacles but also keep it from falling off the platform. This game has simple but equally interesting gameplay, what are you waiting for?