Draw Line

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About Draw Line

Play Draw Line and solve interesting puzzles. In this game, you need to draw lines to connect the dots in different positions and pass the level.

Draw Lines are simple puzzles, where you have to connect dots in different positions. In a map that can have many dots of different colors, you can only connect dots of the same color. You must draw lines so that they do not intersect. When you join a line that intersects another line, one of these lines will disappear. So avoid cutting other lines to save time. This game will not limit the time and number of lines you have to draw. After you connect all the dots of the same color together you can pass the new level.

Control: Use the mouse to draw the line

Conquer Draw Line on many levels

This game has many interesting challenges divided into levels. The more missions you complete, the higher the difficulty of the challenge will be. At high levels, the number of dots that you have to connect will be more. This makes it difficult to quickly draw the right lines. Are you confident in your intelligence? Let's play Draw Line and prove it!