Drive Fun

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About Drive Fun

Drive Fun continues to bring you the most entertaining moments. You have to drive and conquer the challenges through each level of this game.

Following the success of Drive Mad, Drive Fun was born. This game will inherit the gameplay of the original game as well as develop more inviting things. The cars will have been upgraded in terms of their type and color. The background of the game is not just black and white, it has been upgraded with interesting scenes. Your journey to conquer the challenges will become more interesting with the mountain scenery. Finally, your challenges are also upgraded with combined obstacles. If in the previous version, you only needed to go through single obstacles, where the challenges will be prolonged by combined obstacles.

Control your special cars

You can easily control your car by clicking on the accelerator and moving forward, you can also press the brake pedal to stop or reverse. Moreover, at each level, you will be driving a separate car. There are cars with reverse control, it requires you to press the accelerator to go backward and press the brake to move forward. Please pay attention to this before you start playing the game.