Driver Mad 2

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Driving through dangerous terrains

Driver Mad 2 is the sequel to the Driver Mad game. This game comes back with tough challenges and hard levels that you just cannot get through.

Your task in this game is still to drive through different types of terrain. The terrain types of this game will have been upgraded to become more difficult. It requires you to have a lot of techniques to be able to overcome it. On the screen, there is an accelerator and brake pedal. You click the accelerator icon on the right of the screen to activate the car to go forward. To help the car balance or slow down, click on the brake icon in the left corner of the screen.

Compare with the Drive Mad game

As noted above, this game has been updated with tougher challenges. In the game Drive Mad, you just need to drive through fairly flat terrain, in this new version, it has been updated with more vivid items. The game has added extraneous scenes such as grass and mountains. In addition, the destination of the cars will also be set up in more difficult places such as on the cliff. You have to perform many times to get over it.