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Drop And Merge The Numbers


About Drop And Merge The Numbers

Play and experience exciting moments in the Drop And Merge The Numbers game, where you need to stack blocks so that they can merge together.

Drop And Merge The Numbers is a familiar game when you have played 2048 Merge. However, it will have tiles falling randomly from above. You press a cell on the grid to place tiles. The grid is made up of 30 empty cells. Horizontal movement takes 5 cells and vertical movement takes 6 cells. Tiles will drop on the grid randomly and you place the tiles so that it merges together. When you create a value that is higher than 1024, you will get a reward. Collect a lot of rewards to take advantage of the game.

Play and create tiles of 1024

Your Mission in Drop And Merge The Numbers

The tiles will fall from above automatically, and you have to arrange them. The more tiles you combine, the greater your score. Your target in this game is to create a tile of 1024. This target is not easy, place the tiles correctly. You will not stand a chance if you put it wrong since this game does not have an undo button.

How to complete the mission

Tiles with different values will fall freely on a 5x6 grid. You will have no idea what tile will appear next. Use the mouse and touch the vertical column you want to place tiles, they will immediately fall into that position. When two identical tiles touch each other, they will be merged, and a new tile that has a higher score. With 2 tiles of the same value, they will form a tile of a double value. With 3 blocks of the same value, they will form a tile of 4 times higher value. The next tiles will fall right in the column, where you just placed the tile. Therefore, don't let it get full, otherwise, you fail.