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Take part in the Ducklings.io game

Don't be afraid to join the battle of the ducks at Ducklings.io, where you have to swim in another lake and lead as many ducklings back to the nest as possible.

In this game you will face many different opponents however you will not take down these opponents with violence you have to use your agility. You need to find the ducklings and upgrade your nest. A lot of ducklings are lost on the lake, you have to quickly bring these ducklings back to the nest. If you don't put the duckling in the nest quickly, it will be another opponent's duckling. You use the mouse to determine the direction of movement for the duck, when your duck comes close to the duckling, they will follow you. Once you have collected a large number of ducklings, you must bring them back to the nest to avoid being robbed. Your nest will be somewhere on the map and in that nest, there is a female duck taking care of the chicks. This interesting game is available on the Duck Life website, join the website and play this game.

Some notes for you

This is a fight between ducks, although it is not a bloody war, it is also very fierce. Even if you are bringing ducklings, there is a possibility of you being robbed, you must quickly bring the ducklings into the nest to avoid being robbed. Similarly, you can also steal ducklings from other opponents, but you should rob when you don't bring any ducklings with you. You move across the group of ducks and the ducks will change direction after you. In addition, on the lake there will be boats moving, you must stay away from these boats. If you get hit by these boats then the game is over.