Element Evolution

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Introduce the Element Evolution game

Play and follow the evolution of the earth through the Element Evolution game. You unlock mysterious boxes and create new elements for the earth.

According to the theory of evolution of the game Element Evolution, everything on Earth is developed from two main factors that are water and earth. These are also two basic elements of the game. You merge these elements together to create new elements like lightning, fire, and so on. To a certain extent, you can create all the elements on this planet.

The principle of combining elements

At the beginning of the game, you will have nine tiles of land and you need to merge elements to be able to buy more tiles. Elements produced from wood will produce diamonds. Elements born from the water will create rubies. The first level of carpentry is a weed, after merging two weeds together, it will create moss, then a lawn, and then a tree. The basic level of water is water, when they merge, they create clouds and rain. To a certain extent, water will produce thunder and fire. This mechanism of action is very interesting play the game Element Evolution and explore it.