Emoji Puzzle

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About Emoji Puzzle

Match emojis and complete challenges in the Emoji Puzzle game. You need to link emojis with the same theme together and remove them from the board.

This game will divide emojis into 2 different columns. You have to connect emojis together to remove them from the board. These emojis will not be exactly the same, but they are just the same theme. You have to match the similarities between the emojis and delete them. In addition, you also have the opportunity to play this game on countless levels. The higher the level, the more emoji you need to connect. At high levels, the appearance of many emojis will distract your attention. You will hardly find out, which emoji can be connected. Let's play and have fun in this fun game.

Conquer missions in Emoji Puzzle

To connect emojis you need to find out the relationship between emojis. For example, when one column appears as a cold emoji and the other column appears as a winter emoji, you will connect these 2 emojis together and remove them from the board. You have to delete all pairs of emoji to pass the level. Are you ready to conquer these challenges?

How to control: Use the mouse to connect