Fill The Water

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Play Fill The Water

Play Fill The Water and take part in exciting challenges. In this game, you need to draw the pipes leading water to the water tank on the truck.

You will see a water tank in the upper corner of the screen and a truck in the lower corner of the screen. You need to bring water from the water tank on the top to the truck. Draw water pipes to bring water to the location of the water on the truck. However, the water tank and the truck are blocked by obstacles. Those obstacles are sewers and lava pools. Drains will drain your water. Lava pools will absorb your water. Each time you play you only get a certain amount of water. Therefore, this loss causes insufficient water to reach the truck and makes it impossible to start the truck. You only really complete the mission when the truck can move. After completing the mission you will continue to complete the mission on different levels. Let's play and conquer all the levels of the game.

How to control

You use the mouse to draw the pipes. Draw the pipe so that it can bring as much water to the truck as possible.