Find 500 Differences

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Play Find 500 Differences

Play and challenge your eye in the Find 500 Differences game. Here, you have to find the difference between the two pictures. Can you conquer this challenge?

This game will give you two same pictures, however, there are some differences between them. Your mission is to find these differences. Each picture will have certain differences, you find these differences and pass the level. Different levels will bring different challenges. As these pictures are almost the same, you have to look closely to find the difference. This game requires you to have a flexible pair of eyes. What are you waiting for gid without joining this game and challenging your eyes?

How to control: You use the mouse and click on the differences in the picture.

Tips and tricks

The difference between the two pictures can be the difference between the colors of the objects or the disappearance of the objects. You should focus on features in a picture to find these differences. You should keep a close eye on small objects as that is usually something that is easily changed. You need to play a lot to be able to make your eyes more flexible when looking for differences.