Find The Way Home Maze Game

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About Find The Way Home Maze Game

Play Find The Way Home Maze Game and find the way home for the little monster. Your mission is to avoid obstacles and find the way home for the monster.

A little monster is lost in a simple maze. This maze contains other obstacles such as cannons and purple monsters. You need to avoid these obstacles and take the little monster home. This is a simple maze but it is quite wide, which will make it difficult for you to observe. While moving, you need to find a smart path so as not to collide with other monsters. If you face other monsters directly you will be eaten by them. You also need to pay attention to the cannons, every 5 seconds it will generate a bullet. If you get hit by a bullet you will die. After overcoming all the obstacles you move home in the black hole at the end of the map. This game also gives you the opportunity to explore many different maps. Take on the mission of the game to open up many new lands.

How to control

You move the mouse to control your monster.