Fish Eat Getting Big

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The principle of Fish Eat Getting Big

Are you ready for the spectacular survival challenge in the Fish Eat Getting Big game? You have to hunt and become the strongest person in the sea.

As I said above, this is a dramatic survival game, you have to hunt constantly to increase your size. Only when you become big will other creatures in the sea not be able to bully you. You have the right to destroy creatures smaller than you, at the same time, you must also run away from creatures larger than you. All players who are eaten by another creature are turned into skeletons and restart the game at a minimum size of 2. This means that no miracles will happen when you are eaten, You will turn into someone else's food. Play the game again from the beginning. Are you agile enough to be able to escape from the pursuit of other fish? Play this game now and become the ruler of the ocean.

Control three fish at the same time

You can control up to three fish in this game, each fish will have its own controls. You can control them with the name keys, WASD keys, and even with the mouse. You can control up to three fish in one go, and this mode allows you to play with friends. These fish will not be able to eat each other, they will only be eaten by other creatures on the map. These fish will hunt at the same time and the fish that survives the longest will win. You can also play alone in single-player mode, you just need to select single-player mode and the fish's controls will be chosen by you. When you enter the match, the first action you choose will be how you control the fish. This fish will die when eaten by another creature, the highest score will be saved and displayed on the outside of the screen.