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About Fishing.io

Fishing.io is an exciting fishing journey. You will drop your rod into a large lake and fish for money. Let's fish and earn as much as possible.

You will play the role of a fisherman in this game. You drop the fishing rod and find the most valuable fish. Different types of fish will gather in different layers of water. But the deeper the fish, the higher the value. In addition, in this aquarium, there are other items that are garbage, they cannot be sold, so ignore them. Diamonds are the most valuable. Each diamond will earn you 500 dollars. Find lots of diamonds and upgrade your tool.

Upgrade your tools

Your fishing rod can only reach shallow water you need to upgrade it to get more types of fish. The amount of money you spend to upgrade the rods will vary, it will increase with the number of times you upgrade. With the first upgrade, you will only need to spend 50 dollars but the second will be 100 dollars. Similarly, you can also upgrade the length of the fishing line and the fish's price. The amount you spend will also increase in proportion to the number of times you upgrade. Be the wealthiest fisherman in this game.