Flappy Bird

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The origin of the Flappy Bird game

Flappy Bird is now available on our website. This game will make players relax when clicking on the screen and performing simple tasks in the air.

This game was released in 2014 by a Vietnamese engineer. When it was first released, this game shook the world. Almost young people all over the world have controlled this interesting bird. Although now the hotness of the game has decreased, the entertainment value that the game brings has not decreased. In the past, you could only play this game by downloading it. Now, you can also easily get access to this game by joining the Duck Life website.

Control your interesting bird.

This game has relatively simple gameplay when you click on the screen to help the bird fly up in the air. In the air there will be bamboo poles, these bamboo poles will appear in different positions. You need to control the bird to move safely through these bamboo poles. Each time you move over the bamboo pole, you will get one point. The final score of this game is one thousand points. You must have extremely good skills to be able to conquer this quest.