Four In A Row

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How to play Four In A Row

Play and bond with friends in the Four In A Row game. You and your opponent have to take turns dropping the discs until forming a line of 4 identical discs.

This is a fun game, where you and your opponent have to drop discs to the grid. You have to take turns dropping discs to achieve the goal of forming a row of 4 identical discs. The time for each drop is 30 seconds, if the player does not drop the disc in 30 seconds, they will lose their turn. The winner will be the one who reaches the goal first.

Control: Use the mouse to drop discs into the grid.

Play with friends and have a great time

The game's default grid is a 6x7 grid, you can choose between a variety of grids like 6x8 and 6x9. In addition, you can also create more challenges for the game by placing the challenge in a row of 5 identical discs. After creating the game rules you can play the game between 3 game modes. You can play with online players and computers, you can also invite friends to play together. Invite your friends and create great experiences.