Fruit Master

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About Fruit Master

Fruit Master will give you the opportunity to become a bartender and create amazing cocktails. You need to cut the fruits and throw them into the blender.

This game will last through many different levels, each of which is a different cocktail. To create these cocktails, you need to slash the fruits that are spinning in circles on the screen. After being cut, these fruits will be put into the blender. The number of rotations of the fruit will vary between levels, you need to cut all these fruits to create the required smoothie. You complete the required type of good birth means you pass the level.

The principle of this game

The mechanism of the game is simple, you slash the fruits by throwing the knife at the bottom of the screen, You left-click to activate this knife. The fruits will gather and rotate in a circle on the screen. When activated, the star will leap over and cut the fruit it hits in half. After being slashed, these fruits will automatically fall into the blender. You can throw the knife freely until you cut all the balls, you only lose when your knife doesn't hit the fruit.