Fruits Match 3

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Some descriptions of Fruits Match 3

Fruits Match 3 is a familiar fruit-matching game. You perform your mission by matching fruits of the same type and completing the target of the game.

Your task in this game is to complete the target on the left side of the board. On the board, there will be many different fruits and it will change with each level. Normally, the goal of each level is that you will have to eliminate four different fruits in different quantities. You collect enough fruit that the game needs to get to the different levels.

Principles of connecting fruit

The fruits will be arranged messy on the board. You can match the fruits when they appear in clusters of three or more of the same fruit. You use the mouse and click on the fruit you want to connect, then drag and connect the next ones, finally, you release the mouse to collect these fruits. You need to prioritize collecting the fruits in the target because time is limited. For each level, you will have 60 seconds to complete the task. If you failure to complete the mission before the time is up, this means you lose. Be quick and sharp to be able to complete this task on time.