Garden Bloom

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Introduce the Garden Bloom game

Immerse yourself in the flower garden of Garden Bloom. In this game, you will have to perform the mission of the game and rebuild the garden.

Lucy and Robert have inherited a garden from their grandmother. However, this garden has been abandoned for a long time, so everything in the garden has been destroyed long ago. Your mission is to rebuild this garden. To be able to rebuild this garden, you need to participate in the game's quest and find the necessary elements. What are you waiting for without playing?

Complete the mission and rebuild the garden

You will renovate this garden in small parts. Each part of the garden will have its own constructions. To be able to rebuild the garden you need the stars from the quest. The main task that you need to perform is to collect elements through each level. Each level will require you to collect a different type of element. You change the position of the elements to a row of at least 3 elements of the same type standing next to each other to collect them. Quickly complete these quests and rebuild the garden.

Control: Use the mouse to change the position of the elements.